What is Re-Registration in IGNOU

IGNOU uses the terminology "Re-Registration (RR)" for taking admission in the next year of study.

Eg: Student who took admission in Jan 2021 cycle in BA programme is eligible to take 2nd year registration from Jan 2022 session.

“Re-registration (RR)” means registration in the next semester/year of a programme, RR is not applicable to Certificate, PG Diploma and Diploma Programmes.

IGNOU allows its learner to fill the  RR form in  ‘Online’ mode via portal (Click Here to go RR Portal) irrespective of the fact that whether the learners appeared in the examination or not or whether they are passed or not in the course(s) registered in the previous or current academic session. Since it is a flexi learning hence user can take its time to complete the program within the Maximum validity of registration. 

International students are also advised to submit RR form online via IGNOU Portal. 

Click Here for latest updates on RR for the current session...

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