What is IGNOU Assignment.

IGNOU assignment is a set of questions and is expected to be solved by the sudents. The idea behind  assignments is to test or assess the  student’s understanding of subject matter. You need to submit one assignment for each of your Registered Course.

Points to remember :

  • It should be Handwritten and in your own words.
  • Per course there is one assignment which covers the entire course.
  • Assignment is mandatory component in order to complete the programme
  • The expected number of words in answer is mentioned on the question paper. Some may need nearly 500 word while other may have 1000 words depending on the instruction on question paper.
  • Submission of assignment is must before writing the Term End Exam.
  • The weightage of assignment is 30%. Read the programme guide for better clarity regarding weightage.
  • Assignment should be submitted before the last date. However Last date is subject to change time to time.


Generally the minimum passing mark in assignment is 40%. If in any case  student is fail to obtain passing marks then s/he need to re-submit the assignment in next cycle(i.e. after 6 month).

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