IGNOU Assignment Writing tips, Steps and Front Page Format (PDF).

IGNOU Assignment Writing tips are very important to fetch good marks. The following steps must be followed while making IGNOU assignment answers. With good writing skill it should also have Front Page Format for timely processing of assignment at study center and for better score. Assignment front page format clearly illustrates your detail which is useful for handling hardcopy.

You need to write IGNOU Assignment on A4 Size blank paper preferably but student can use ruled paper also as there is no hard and fast rule for the type of paper but it should be hand written.The assignments are compulsory component for each course codes. Steps to write effective asssignment response is given below. Click here to know Where to submit IGNOU Assignment for ODL and OL Learner.

IGNOU assignment front page format is an overview about the information that should be carried out by the learner on the top sheet. Front page format can be hand written also and need not to be typed. This link to download (PDF) IGNOU Assignment front page format is given below.

ignou assignment front page format

Click here to download IGNOU Assignment Front Page in PDF Format.

Student will have to do one assignment in each course and answer should be handwritten. Each IGNOU assignment covers the whole course and the questions are based on that specific subject. .

What is motto of IGNOU Assignment?
The aim of assignment is to examine /  assess your understanding and application of the course material.  This assignment aims to teach you as well as to assess your performance and prepare you for your IGNOU Term End Examination. Please ensure that you read all the texts prescribed in the course. Once you are able to do the assignment satisfactorily, you will be ready to take the exam with confidence.


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Step wise instruction and guidelines to prepare and write IGNOU Assignments.
Point 1 : Before you attempt the assignments, please read the instructions provided on the assignment question paper because answers should be within the approximate range of the word-limit set for a particular question.
Point 2 : Use A4 size ruled or plain  paper for your response and staple  all the pages carefully. Leave a 4 cm margin on the left and leave some space between each answer so that evaluator will write comments about answer.
Point 3 : Please do not copy paste from other learner or ditto text from the  course material . Use the skills of critical appreciation that you may have acquired during the course of study.
Point 4 : Read the units on which they are based and try to interpret and make some point in your own words.
Point 5 : Be a little more selective and analytical before drawing up a rough outline of your answer.
Point 6 : Arrange your points in a logical order for each question and describe them as per question requirement.
Point 7 :For long answer questions  give enough attention to your introduction and conclusion.
Point 8 : After finishing the work of assignment answer writing, use any paper file or plastic file for each course code and make separate bunch for each course in a proper manner.
Point 9 : Attach separate Cover page for each course code.
Point 10 :  Candidate must send their complete assignments to the coordinator of the allotted study centre Only. You should not send to Regional Centre or Regional Evaluation Centre (REC) or Student Evaluation Division (SED) or SRD for evaluation.
Point 11 : You can submit assignment by Post or in person. Keep Speed post number safely if submitted by post.
Point 12 : Don’t forget to take the receipt for the submission of the assignment if submitted in person.
Point 13 : If you have applied to change your study centre then Please wait till your new study centre is confirmed or approved by RC. If you got a notice from the university for a successfully change of centre then you can submit it to the new centre.
Point 14 : Make sure the assignment, for the course code you have written is reflecting under your admission details at University Website.
Point 15 : Typed assignment will be rejected or fetch fail marks.
Point 16 : Don’t use thin paper for writing assignment response.
Point 17 : Preferably attach the question paper along with your Assignment answers.

How should IGNOU Assingment Front page Format look like ?

The Front page or Cover page of your IGNOU Assignment Answer Sheet should contain your basic detail as mentioned below in the picture. It Should have your Name, ENROLLMENT Number, Course Code, Programme Code, Yout Study, Centre Code, Submisison date etc. Mentioning Date of submission will help you or your study centre to trace your assignment in case of any discrepancy. The Top Sheet of IGNOU assignment helps the handling of assignment easily and error free processing at Study Center level. Mention all your details without any mistake and legibly on the Cover page of IGNOU Assignment answers. The front page you need to attach for each and every  course code.


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