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IGNOU Assignment Last Date June 2023 Session, Applicable to Project submission also.

  IGNOU had Extended Assignment submission last date for All Old or New students (TEE June 2023 SSN) upto 15 May 2023 for ALL PG, UG Diploma and Certificate Programme of ODL and Online mode. An official notification to this effect issued with the approval of IGNOU Authority signed on 01-May-2023. The extension in IGNOU assignment last date is given to all the learner of ODL mode, OL Mode, GOAL Student and e-Vidhyabharti students.

IGNOU Offers admission in two mode, first is ODL (Open Distance Learning ) Mode and Online (OL) Mode. Click here to understand difference between ODL mode and OL mode.

IGNOU Project June 2023 session submission last date is 31 May 2023. IGNOU Project, Internship, dessertation and field work can be submitted either in online or offline mode while assignment to be submitted at study center in Offline mode (in person / Speed Post) or as per your Regional Center guidelines. Click here for online Project Report submission. Click here for DECE (DECE04) Project Submission.

IGNOU Assignment last date is extended time to time by the official notification. Extension given in last date for IGNOU Assignment submission for the previous session is mentioned below for reference purpose.

IGNOU Assignment last date for Previous sessions DATE
IGNOU Assignment submission last date December 2022 session Extended till 15 December 2022.
IGNOU Assignment submission last date June 2022 session Extended till 20 July 2022 (Pandemic effect)
IGNOU Assignment submission last date December 2021 session Extended till 15 January 2022 (Pandemic effect)
IGNOU Assignment submission last date June 2021 session Extended till 31 August 2021 (Pandemic effect)


Submission of Assignment is compulsory to be eligible for appearing in theory exam (TEE). There is a provision of assignment submission declaration while submitting IGNOU exam form online. July 2022 admission student can submit IGNOU assignment for TEE June 2023  session. Old student who has gap in submission of assignment must ensure their admission or RR is valid. Click here to check your admission/ RR validity.

Useful info on IGNOU Assignment last date and assignment paper download link June 2023 session.

IGNOU extended Assignment submission last date June 2023 till 15 May 2023.
Simplified link for IGNOU Assignment download Click Here
How to write IGNOU Assignment effectively Know more
IGNOU Assignment Front Page Format  for All students Click here
Video guide on IGNOU Assignment is given Click here


Both ODL and OL Programme mode student has to submit assignment for each course code. It is mandatory for Online Programme (OL) Learner to submit assignment on LMS and it should be hand written scanned pdf format to upload on LMS portal. ODL Mode student need to submit assignment at their study center only. The status of assignment can be checked online and is reflected in Grade Card after few weeks. Submitting neat and legible assignment response can help to fetch extra score.

After Assignment submission student can submit IGNOU Exam form online. Hall ticket / admit card is generated 10 - 15 day before the start of examination. IGNOU datesheet is issued nearly 2 months before the start of exam.

The link for online submission of IGNOU Project / internship / Field Work Journal / Dissertation etc for June 2023 Session activated on 13 March 2023 and for DECE04 of DECE Programme activated on 27.03.2023. Student should not upload any assignemnt or Synopsis via this portal or else it will be treated as Null and Void.


Programme wise detail for IGNOU Assignment submission last date is given in table below. Relevant link to download IGNOU assignment question paper is mentioned in above table.

Note : In IGNOU assignment submission last date is NOT programme specific.  Last date is common for ALL Programme. Generally, for most of the programme assignment last date is written as 31st March or 30th September on the assignment question paper. But if you see the assignment question paper for various paper you will find last date is 30th April and 31st October. For example see and click on below picture.

Further, since the admission last date for new students (January Session of every year) is extended upto March every year, hence to facilitate all the learners ( including last date admitted students),  the assignment last date is extended to let them complete their assignment. That is why, in General, last date is given as 30th April 2023 for June 2023 session in the below table. Later on extension is given by official notification.

All Master, Bachelor, PG Diploma (PGD), Diploma, Certificate Student who has taken Admission / RR in July 2022 Session or prior is eligible to submit assignment for June 2023 Session*. Certificate and semester based programme students of Admission session January 2023 are also eligible for assignment submission under TEE June 2023 session.

IGNOU Admission Session (New Students) When to Submit Assignment
January 2023 Admission (Certificate and Semester based Master and Bachelor programme) Submit in March / April/ May 2023
IGNOU Assignment for July 2022 Admission - Masters Degree Click here
IGNOU Assignment for July 2022 Admission - CBCS or Bachelor Degree 15th May 2023
IGNOU Assignment for July 2022 Admission - Diploma and PG Diploma Submit in March / April / May 2023
IGNOU Assignment forJuly 2022 Admission - Certificate Programmes Submit in November/ December 2022, if you missed, then submit in March/ April/ May 2023
*Any Old student who has missed to submit assignment can submit in the June 2023 session. make sure your admission / RR is valid Click Here

Some important link regarding IGNOU examination, FAQ and other topic is given below on the page. Many IGNOU Regional Center has issued guidelines for Online or Offline submission of Assignment on the official website.

Click here to know Regional Center wise information on Practical Exam, Counselling session and Assignment submission guidelines in Online or Offline mode.

Click here to download datesheet. Click Here to know How to Write IGNOU Assignment and other guidelines and Formats. For more details please check your activity calendar click here . 


IGNOU Assignment Question paper download link (Simplified). The validity of IGNOU assignment question paper is given in below table
Programme Valid for Exam Course Codes

June 2023

MEG1, MEG2, MEG3, MEG4, MEG5, MEG6, MEG7, MEG8, MEG9, MEG10, MEG11, MEG12, MEG13, MEG14, MEG15, MEG16, MEG17, MEG18, MEG19
MAEDU June 2023 MES11 -16 (English), MES11- 16 (Hindi), 2nd Year Paper (English), 2nd Year Paper (Hindi)
MAAN June 2023 and Dec 2023 MANI 001, MANI 002, MAN 001, MAN 002, MANI 003, MANE 001, MANE 002, MANE 003, MANE 004, MANE 005, MANE 006, MANE 007
MAPY June 2023 1st Year papers, 2nd Year Papers
MPS June 2023 and December 2023 Click Here (Hindi, English) for 1st year Paper (for MPS 1, MPS 2, MPS 3, MPS 4). Click Here (Hindi, English) for 2nd Year Paper (MPSE 1, MPSE 2 , MPSE 3 , MPSE 4 , MPSE 5 ,MPSE 6 ,MPSE 7 , MPSE 8 , MPSE 9 , MPSE 11 , MPSE 12 ,MPSE 13 , MED 2 , MED 8 , MGP 4 ,MGPE 7 , MGPE 8 , MGPE 10 , MGPE 11 , MGPE 13)
MSO June 2023 and December 2023 1st year paper (Hindi, English).   2nd Year Paper (Hindi, English)
Other Programme will be added soon. Click here


IGNOU CBCS or Bachelor PROGRAMME Assignment Question Paper Link 2022 Bachelor - CBCS
IGNOU P.G. Diploma Programmes Assignment Question Paper Link 2022 Click here 
IGNOU Diploma Programmes Assignment Question Paper Link 2022 Click here 
IGNOU Certificate Programmes Assignment Question Paper Link 2022 Click here 


ignou assignment submission last date june 2023


How to submit IGNOU Assignment ?

IGNOU assignment plays very important role in fetching good percentage of marks, so you should give attention to the assignment portion along with your theory exam. Assignment should be hand written. After wring assignment answer attach cover page (Click here for cover page) on each of your assignment. Tie all the pages nicely to avoid any paper misplacement during evaluation.
You have to submit assignment to your study centre (Click here to know your IGNOU study center) before last date. You can submit IGNOU assignment in two ways.
1. By visiting to your study center in person and take submission receipt.
2. By post. In this case keep speed post tracking number safely for future reference.


IGNOU Assignments Guidelines and Orientation for New students.
Click here for Short Question Answer on IGNOU Assignment and clear you doubts.


IGNOU Project Submission Guideline is given below.

Please ensure your final report should contain the
•    Synopsis Approved Format in original, along with “Synopsis” .
•    Guide’s Bio-data and
•    Certificate of originality is duly signed by both the Student and the Project Guide with date and any other annexure as mentioned in Project Manual.
•    Ensure that the Original Project Report is to be scanned in a single pdf format file.

IGNOU Project Cover page of the pdf file must carry the correct particulars of the learner as given below:
•    Title of the Project / Dissertation / Internship / Field Work
•    Name of the Learner
•    Programme Code
•    Enrolment Number
•    Regional Centre Code
•    Course Code(s)
•    Mobile No. & E-mail ID

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will IGNOU assignment date be extended Yes.

IGNOU June 2022 Theory Exam Form Submission link.

Click Here for IGNOU June 2022 exam

IGNOU theory exam result.

Click Here to check result.

IGNOU Practical / Project  exam result.

Click Here to check intermediate status.

Click Here to check in Grade card

Can I get IGNOU Assignment submission receipt ?

Yes, you can get it from your study Center at the time of submission.

Can I Send IGNOU Assignment by Post ?


Minimum Duration of IGNOU assignment mark updation after submission.

It depends. Generally It may take 2 – 3 months.

What was last date for IGNOU assignment December 2021 ? 30th April 2022.
What was last date for IGNOU assignment June 2022 ? 15th December 2022


Click here to know your IGNOU Activity Calander.

Useful date for Programme specific IGNOU Assignment June 2023

IGNOU Assignment last date 30th, April 2023.
Closure schedule of IGNOU Assignment submission (MEG etc ) 30th, April 2023
Last date of IGNOU Assignment submission for (BA, BSCG etc) 30th, April 2023
Closing date  of IGNOU Assignment submission ( All UG, PG, Cetificate and Diploma programme) 30th, April 2023
Updation of Assignment submission status Check after 45 -  60 days  of submission. Click here to check.

For detail guidelines about the formulation of assignment watch video below.

ignou assignment guide youtube


What is Assignment Submission Deadlines in IGNOU ?

As per University Calendar Assignment submission is done twice every year

  1. For TEE June Cycle/ Session  : In this cycle Assignment submission starts from 1st March and ends on 31 March but in some case (like when admission for January Cycle is delayed ) the University  extends the last date for assignment submission like for TEE June 2022 session it was extended upto 20th July 2022 and
  2. For TEE Dec Cycle/ Session: In this cycle Assignment submission start from 1st September and ends on 30th September but in some case (like when admission for July Cycle is delayed) the University extends the last date for assignment submission.

Explained with Example

1. For Student of Year based UG, PG, PG Diploma or Diploma programme

Any student who got admitted in Jan 2022 Admission Cycle and his/her programme is Year based (Eg : MEG, MPS, MCOM, MPA etc) such learner is supposed to submit 1st Year assignment between 1 - 30th Sep 2021 and this session is considered as TEE DEC 2022 SESSION. For any extension in submission date for that session may be checked on the website. Failing in assignment submission for TEE DEC 2022 SESSION, then leaner can submit the assignment in the next coming cycle.

2. For Student of Semester based UG, PG, Diploma, PG Diploma and Certificate programme

Any student who got admitted in Jan 2022 Admission Cycle and his/her programme is Semester based (Eg: BCA, MCA, MP, PGCCL etc) such learner is supposed to submit 1st Semester assignment between 1 - 30th March 2021 and this session is considered as TEE JUNE 2022 SESSION .For any extension in submission date for that session may be checked on the website. Failing in assignment submission for TEE JUNE 2022 SESSION, then leaner can submit the assignment in the next coming cycle.

Note : Assignment Question paper can be downloaded from University Website. Before writing assignment answers check the validity of Assignment question paper which is written on the Assignment Question paper itself. Student who could submit assignment then they need to download fresh Assignment Question paper from website.

To know your programme whether it is Year based or Semester based refer the Prospectus or Programme guide.


Click here to download IGNOU latest Common Prospectus.


Can  I Download IGNOU Assignment Question Papers online ?

Yes, IGNOU Assingment Question papers are made available on the website in each session of admission. It can be easily downloaded from the IGNOU Website.

♦ ♦ Click here to download IGNOU Assignment Question paper.

Once a learner submitted the assignment, never forget to check the assignment submission status on the website after few weeks.

Note :

Generally Once the assignment submission date is over, Study Center takes necessary  steps to get the assignment evaluated and is sent to the approved evaluator / Academic Counsellor of IGNOU for evaluation . Later when Evaluator completes the evaluation and tabulation of marks course wise then it submitted to the Study Center Co-ordinator. Later it is uploaded on the University website.

How can I Check my IGNOU assignment submission status ?

The status of assignment submitted for TEE June Cycle/Session starts reflecting on the website from June/July month

Similarly the status of assignment submitted  for TEE December Cycle/Session starts reflecting on the website  from December/January month.

After the transmission of assignment data from study center or regioanl center finally after few days/weeks assignment marks is updated in the Grade Card.

How to resolve Discrepancy in IGNOU assignment submission status ?

Any discrepancy in your assignment submission status, you may bring to the notice of Co-ordinator OR functionaries of study center for immediate resolution. If any discrepancy found : Student need not to be panic. They should contact Study Center Co-ordinator in the Month of

  1. August/ September for assignment  submitted for June Cycle/ Session.
  2. Feb/ March for assignment submitted for Dec Cycle/ Session.  
  3. For any notification regarding extension in assignment submission date  keep visiting IGNOU Student Corner (www.ignoustudentcorner.com) .

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