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Check IGNOU Grade Card Result Status May 2023, Online Percentage Calculator.

Updated on 28-May-2023

What is IGNOU Grade Card ?
IGNOU Grade card is considered as the Marksheet of student which shows the Assignment/ Practical/ Theory/ Project marks/ Grade in a consolidated form, which can be checked online from University website. Online IGNOU Grade Card Status consists of  Assignment Mark, Result (Marks) of Theory Examination, Practical Marks (If applicable to programme) and Project Marks (If applicable to programme). 

After IGNOU Result is published, it may take few days / week to reflect the mark/ grade in the Grade Card Online. Now  a days IGNOU send the printed Grade Card/ Mark sheet after the successfully completion of entire programme. Recently IGNOU has changed the format of grade card and has added the emblem of  "A++ Certification of NAAC". 

Below is the link to Check Grade Card status on IGNOU website (NEW LINK)

Please note that IGNOU Grade card is updated on FCFS basis by the IGNOU HEAD Quarter, New Delhi. The Assignment marks, theory exam marks, practical exam marks etc are updated as and when it is received from Study Center, Regional Evaluation Center, Regional Center respectively. The marks of re-evaluation result for the previous session has started reflecting in the IGNOU Grade card Status online for few cases and to be updated for all the applicants. Any change in reevaluation result reflects in grade card too.

IGNOU Grade card database updated on 25 May 2023
IGNOU Exam Result Click here
Apply for IGNOU Convocation Click here

Click here to download IGNOU ID Card.

What programmes have Grading System in IGNOU ?
In letter grading system, the level of performance is judged in terms of "Letter Grade" i.e., A, B, C, D or E depending on the performance of the students.  In order to complete the term-end examination successfully student need to get minimum score. Few Programmes under grading system are MADE, MP, MBA, BED. CIG, DCE etc


IGNOU Grade Card link and Percentage Calculator given below
Students who have submitted their assignment or got theory examination exam result can use the IGNOU percentage calculator to know their mark percentage they have obtained. Students can see the IGNOU grade card from the official website (link given below) before determining their percentage of marks or grades. After the IGNOU TEE examinations are completed, the IGNOU grade card is released. Students can use the readymade calculator to know their percentage. Click here to access IGNOU percentage calculator.

ignou grade card status    IGNOU NEW GRADE CARD LINK
  • Click Here  to check Grade Card for All Programme including BCA, MCA, MCA_NEW, CBCS,  MP (Management Programme)BA, BCOM, BDP, BSC.etc.
  • Click Here See your IGNOU Assignment Mark submission status.
  • Click here to check & know your IGNOU Theory Exam Result.

IGNOU Grade card updation is a continuous process where the mark is updated as and when it is received from Regional Evaluation Centre (REC) for term end Theory exam Result and from RC for Assignment / Practical / Project marks.

We will be updating our students on any news and announcement made by the university regarding the grade card. Student those who have applied for the Early Declaration then you can check your updated grade card status for the current session.
IGNOU Grade Card for the session June 2023 is now officially started to update from April 2023  onwards which is sooner than usual in order to bring the things on track. The grade card will be updated frequently so keep checking your grade card regularly to get the status of all your subjects.
Candidates can check or download their grade cards for June 2023 or December 2022 as well as the earlier session from the given link. IGNOU Grade Card will be uploaded here to explore and download by all IGNOU students. IGNOU Grade Card Status is updating at the frequent interval so keep checking your marks card to get new updates. Choose your program from available options and explore your report card.

Know why your grade card is showing Incomplete ?
Sometimes student may see the “Not Completed status” in grade card for one or several papers. Student need not worry about that. Student should be able to understand the reason for such incomplete status. The reason may be non-submission of assignment, or not writing theory exam or practical exam etc. But if you have submitted assignment and still not reflecting then you can wait for some time, still if the condition persist same then you may contact your study centre.

Down of page you will find some Short Question Answer (FAQ)  for your quick understanding.

IGNOU Grade Card - New Format


How to Understand format of IGNOU Grade card ?
Standard format of IGNOU Grade Card consists of mainly  4 component in it. These are

1.Assignment Component. To Know more about assignment visit "Assignment" menu.
2.Practical / Lab Component
3.Project / Dissertation Component.
4.Theory Term End Exam result Component.

Some programme may have only Theory and Practical while some may have Project/ Dissertation also, which can be confirmed from its Programme guide.

• Any component which is not applicable to the programme is left as BLANK in the grade card.
• Passing percentage differs from programme to programme, refer your programme guide.
• Generally the passing percentage* is 40% in each component.

*For some course passing percentage is 35%.

Click Here   to see the IGNOU Hall Ticket And Date Sheet for Theory Examination.

What is the meaning of "COMPLETED" in IGNOU grade card?
In Grade Card each row shows the result and status of a Course Code (eg BCS12, ESO5, BSHF101 etc) .
If the status of a row is “COMPLETED” it means that particular course code is successfully completed by learner.
If the status of a row is “NOT COMPLETED” it can have any of below reasons
    •Assignment mark/ grade  is missing.
    •Theory TEE result mark is missing.
    •Term End Practical mark is missing (if applicable to that course).
    •Obtained failed mark in Assignment/ Theory/ Practical/ Project.

What is IGNOU Grading and Marking Scheme ?
The level of performance may be judged in terms of "Letter Grade" i.e., A, B, C, D or E depending on the performance of the students. IGNOU follows both Grading (A,B,C,D,E)  and Marking ( 60, 70 etc any numerical figure) system to assess its learner depending on the programme.
Programmes like MBA(MP), B.Ed, MAEDU, PGDET etc have Grading system, while BA,MEG, MCA, BCA, MSO etc have Marking system.
Table for Letter Grading System for evaluation.

Letter Grade Meaning Point Grade
A - Grade Excellent 5 (Five)
B - Grade Very Good 4 (Four)
C - Grade Good 3 (Three)
D - Grade Average 2 (Two)
E - Grade Unsatisfactory 1 (One)

As per UGC-CBCS Guidelines IGNOU uses following 10-Point Grading System for Bachelor Degree Programmes under CBCS:

Letter 10 Point grade Percentage
O (Outstanding) 10 >= 85
A+ (Excellent) 9 >= 75 to < 85
A (Very Good) 8 >=65 to < 75
B+ (Good) 7 >=55 to < 65
B (Above Average) 6 >=50 to < 55
C (Average) 5 >=40 to < 50
D (Pass) 4 >=35 to < 40
F (Fail) 0 < 35
Ab (Absent) 0 Absent


How to Calculate Percentage in IGNOU Grade Card ?
Percentage is calculated in IGNOU Grade Card based on weightage of Assignment Marks and Term End Theory Exam marks. Assignment has weightage of 30% and Term End Theory Exam has 70% weightage. Below is the manual method to calculate your IGNOU percentage also you can click here for readymade calculator.
Method Explained with example:
Suppose You have a Course/Paper named as FST-01 and You have scored 80 marks in Assignment and 60 marks in Theory exam.
Step 1:  Take the marks of first column which contains assignment marks. Now calculate 30% of it. 30% of 80 Marks = 24 Marks.
Step 2 : Take the marks of “Term End Theory” from the second last column, Now calculate 70% of it. 70% of 60 Marks = 42 Marks.
Step 3 : Add both above marks , that is 24 + 42 = 66 Marks.
Hence your percentage for FST 01 Paper will be 66%. Similarly, You can calculate for each paper and finally you can find out your overall passing Percentage.
Note : Please pay attention toward assignment and try to score maximum marks in Assignment as it will help to fetch overall good percentage.

Any UG or PG student who has completed the first year exam can apply for re-registration (RR). student who has missed to write Term End Exam can refer the guidelines for the same.

How to check Return Status of IGNOU Grade Card/Provisional Certificate ?
IGNOU dispatches the Grade Card and provisional certificate  (GCPC) once a learner completes the programme successfully. The Learners who has successfully completed the programme can check the dispatch / return status of GCPC online. Click here to check the IGNOU GRADE CARD return / dispatch status.

Short Question Answer (FAQ) related to IGNOU Grade Card

Question. What is IGNOU grade card ?
Answer. Grade card is considered as the Marksheet of student which shows the Assignment/ Practical/ Theory/ Project marks/ Grade in a consolidated form
Question. When is IGNOU grade card is generated for new student ?
Answer. Grade Card is generated when any assignment / Theory result is declared.
Question. Why is IGNOU grade card showing “Not Completed”  ?
Answer. Fail mark or missing mark in assignment/ Theory / Practical / Project leads to status as “Not Completed”.
Question. When is IGNOU grade to be updated after theory exam ?
Answer. After declaration of exam result it may take nearly 10 – 15 days to reflect in the Grade card.
Question. Is IGNOU online grade card final or indicative ?
Answer. It is indicative but 99.99% it is final.
Question. Can the Marks in IGNOU grade card be changed after completion of course ?
Answer. No. it cannot be changed.
Question. What to do in case of lost of IGNOU grade card ?
Answer. You can apply for duplicate grade card by paying nominal fee.


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