IGNOU Exam Center list June 2023 - TEE.

Know about IGNOU Exam Centre:  In most cases IGNOU Exam centers are selected among the study center the entire exam center list is given below. Only a few Study centres and identified as Exam Center based on the criteria set by the University. Student can select any exam center in the country. Student can write Term End Exam in any part of country. The only thing learner need to do is to select the Region where s/he want to appear. In the next step many exam center will be displayed and as per choice student can select Exam Center Code.

Here on this page you can find the list of available active IGNOU exam centre throughout the India for IGNOU Term End Examination (TEE). Most of the exam centres of IGNOU are the study centre. Among hundreds of study centre few are identified as Exam Centre. You must know IGNOU exam is conducted twice in a year.

Submission of assignment is mandatory to apply for exam.
Click here to know the IGNOU assignment submission deadline and last date. 

Since the number of exam aspirants is big number in every cycle hence lots of exam centre is established to facilitate the learner. University has given the flexibility to learners to choose the exam centre form the list. Candidate need to select the correct exam code while filling the IGNOU exam form. In some rare case University may allocate / Shift you to nearest exam centre because of seating capacity and other operational difficulty reason.

Click Here for Link to Submit IGNOU Exam Form Online.

Student need not worry about their Parent Regional centre and the Exam centre (which may fall in operational area of other IGNOU Regional Centre). Student is facilitated to write exam in any Exam centre which may fall under other regional centre than your parent regional centre.

Generally First Two Digits of exam centre code is the code of Regional Center under which exam center falls.

Click here to see the IGNOU Exam center list Regional Center wise.


Change of IGNOU Exam Centre:
Exam centre once selected cannot be changed however IGNOU may give a time frame to change the exam centre online only once. 
Keep in mind that Change of exam centre is just a request and not the right of student and hence it may and may not be considered by the University. So be firm in selection while choosing the IGNOU Exam Centre. 

Click here to change the IGNOU exam centre and guidance.

Generally, IGNOU Exam Centre is the same as their Study Centre so students can have their own choice of exam centre while filling the online form. Candidates have to note that Change of Exam Centre is now permitted so you can make changes in the prescribed period. Students have to choose the examination centre in the city of their regional centre but if the selected seats are full in the selected exam centre then candidates will be allotted the nearest exam centre for their examination.


*University reserves the right to change the exam center at any point of time without any prior notice.

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