IGNOU 37th Convocation 2024 date announced, Check Date, Venue and Download degree.

Updated on 19-February-2024

IGNOU 35 CONVOCATION  2022 IGNOU 37th Convocation 2024 date is scheduled on 20 February 2024 (Tuesday). Convocation timing has preponed to 9.30 AM at Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Bhawan (Convention Hall). Earlier the timing was scheduled at 11.00 am. The proceedings of programme will be telecasted live on Gyan Vani, GyanDarshan, Swayam Prabha, Doordarshan, webcast through IGNOU Web Site and through social media platforms (facebook, twitter etc.) of the University. Student can register for convocation and pay the convocation fee online before last date. Degree can be downloaded from Samarth Portal online.

ignou 37th convocation date 2024


In this 37th IGNOU Convoation nearly 3 Lakh student is eligible for conferreing degree which is the highest number ever compared to previous convocations. Sri Jagdeep Dhankhar, Hon'ble Vice-President of India, has kindly consented to be the Chief Guest for the function at IGNOU Hq New Delhi.

Link to Apply and register online for 37th Convocation was activated from 4 July 2023. Last date to apply for Convocation is 10 February 2024. Student need to apply online for convocation and pay the fee to receive the degree. Students who has completed their entire programme successfully in December 2022 or June 2023 TEE Examinations are eligible for 37th Convocation. All those eligible students who have not applied for IGNOU Convocation 2024 can apply fast before the closure of link.

IGNOU Convocation fee for PG Certificate/ Certificate programmes (6 months duration) is Rs. 200/- and for Ph.D / M.Phil/ Master Degree/ Bachelor Degree/ PG Diploma/ Diploma programmes is Rs.600/- .

Click here to apply for IGNOU Convocation.

ignou 37th convocation

As per notification dated 20.01.2024, IGNOU has decided that the Convocation will be organised at 39 Regional Centres only. Out of 56 IGNOU Regional Centres only 39 RC will hold the convocaiton funciton. Nearly 2.6 Lakh convocation degree will be conferred to the passout learners in this convocation 2024. Degrees of students belonging to nearby Regional Centers (wherever Convocation is not happening), will be dispatched to the respective Regional Centers. The students need to collect their degree/diploma one day after the convocation either in person or by post from their Parent Regional Centers.

Report on IGNOU 36th Convocation 2023 is given below:

36th Convocation of IGNOU was conducted on 3rd April 2023, Monday at 11 a.m. in the main venue at IGNOU HQs and through digital mode at 36 selected Regional Centers across the country. In this function the degrees were conferred to the eligible IGNOU learners. Smt. Droupadi Murmu, Hon'ble President of India was the Chief Guest at IGNOU HQ, New Delhi. Further, Each Regional centre invited a “Guest of Honor” (GOH) for convocation function at their centre locally.

IGNOU Convocation is a ceremonial gathering where graduating students receive their degree. The degrees are conferred in front of academic faculty members, family and friends in the audience. IGNOU 36th convocation 2023 was held on 3 april 2023. Click here to check previous convocation dates of IGNOU.

IGNOU had released an official notification and announced the 36th Convocation date which was held on 3rd April 2023. The last date to apply for convocation was 20th March 2023.

IGNOU convocation degree is now available to download from samarth portal. The PDF format of degree is added to the eligible student's account at samarth portal.

Can i Download IGNOU Convocation Degree certificate online ?

Yes. IGNOU Convocation Degree certificate can be downloaded online. It requires very few step to download the degree.

  • Step 1 : Login into your student account at IGNOU Samarth Portal. If you don't have account then you can create account.
  • Step 2 : Go to Dashboard.
  • Step 3 :Click on My Certificates.
  • Step 4 :Click on Downlaod button to get your degree.

Click here to check step by step pictorial guidance for degree downlaod.

When a learner successfully completes the required credits for a given programme, they are granted certificates, diplomas, or degrees during the Convocation in the headquarters and at Regional Centres simultaneously. In all the programmes of the univeristy, outstanding students who complete their programmes within the minimum stipulated time are awarded gold medals.

What is students’ entitlement in IGNOU convocation.
  • There is a provision for providing courtesy refreshments/ Snacks to attending Students at Regional Center or Head Quarter. This is given to the students immediately after the convocation function.
  • Also, IGNOU provides scarves to the student after deposit of nominal security fee (Refundable). After convocation student can return the scarves and collect the security fee back.

IGNOU conducted its 36th convocation ceremony at 36 Regional centers. Remaining regional centre was clubbed to the nearest RC. Only the students from the Regional center were invited for the convocation function where conovcation took place. Students from the neighbouring /other RCs were not invited and such student need to collect the degree next day onwards of convocation from their parent Regional Center.

In Gujrat RC Ahmedabad will conduct the convocation function and RC Rajkot will be clubbed to RC Ahmedabad for this occasion. Similarly for the Orrisa state RC Bhubaneswar will conduct the function and RC Koraput and RC Angul will be clubbed to it. Similarly RC Bijapur and RC Jabalpur will be merged to RC Bangalore and RC Bhopal respectively.

Click Here to visit IGNOU’s  37th Convocation 2024 Registration website. While registering for convocation, Students will be given option “To Attend Convocation in Person or receive Degree/Diploma by Post”. So you can select the option as per your convinience.

36th IGNOU Convocation in 2023: Date & Venue
It was held the 36th Convocation at IGNOU Main Campus, New Delhi as well as at the respective regional centres across India on 3rd April 2023. The function was widely telecasted on Gyandarshan Channel, YouTube live and IGNOU’s Official Facebook page for watching.


Link to Apply and register online for 36th IGNOU Convocation was opened from 1st October 2022. The students who have completed their Programmes in December 2021 and June 2022 Examinations are eligible for award of their Degree or Diploma or Certificate in IGNOU 36th  Convocation. This convocation was conducted in Offline mode where student attended the function physically and not in virtual mode.

Where to attend my Convocation?
Candidates may attend the convocation in the concerned regional centre which they have selected for their course. Sometimes IGNOU make few RC as nodal RC for convocation, if the student is very less at some RC. If there is no convocation event organized at your RC then you can attend it at the nearby Nodal Regional centre in your neighbour city and get their certificate from any of the nearby regional centres. If you can’t attend your convocation but paid fees for it then your degree certificate will be sent to you by post after completion of convocation.

Solution For : 
1. What to do if I did not register for IGNOU convocation on time ?
2. How to check my IGNOU degree availability status ?

Answer : Student eligible under IGNOU Convocation 20th to 36th can check the status of degree online on the IGNOU Degree Delivery management portal (IDMS). Student need to first create account on the portal, then they can login in the account. On the dashboard select the option “In person” as depicted in the image given blow. It will show you the address of RC where you degree is lying. Later you can contact to the concerned RC and get you degree after payment of FEE. Click here to visit IGNOU Degree Delivery Management Portal.

ignou convocation login apply

The eligible student who could not register online, can pay the fee through PNB/ SBI bank challan from the website (mention in notification ) as and when online portal opens. Click here for notification.

IGNOU 35th Convocation was conducted on 26th April 2022 (Tuesday). IGNOU had issued a Notification containing detailed guidelines for 35th Convocation which was scheduled on 26th April 2022. Further to note that IGNOU Convocation (35th) was held in OFFLINE mode  where student visited the Convocation Venue physically, attended the ceremony and collected the Degree Certificate by hand in case of Fee paid and had opted to attend the function in person while applying for convocation online.


The past IGNOU Convocation dates are mentioned below. All convocation were conducted in Face to Face Mode except a few.

IGNOU Convocation Number Date Eligible Exam Sessions
IGNOU 20th to 32nd Convocation --- December 2007, June 2017 TEE.
IGNOU 32nd Convocation date 03 April 2019 December 2017, June 2018 TEE.
IGNOU 33rd Convocation date 17 Feb 2020. December 2018, June 2019 TEE.
IGNOU 34th Convocation (Conducted in Virtual Mode) 15 April 2021. December 2019, June 2020 TEE.
IGNOU 35th Convocation date 26 April 2022. December 2020, June 2021 TEE.
IGNOU 36th Convocation date 3 April 2023. December 2021, June 2022 TEE.
IGNOU 37th Convocation date 20 Feb 2024 December 2022 , June 2023 TEE


IGNOU 36th Convocation Chief Guest President of India Smt Droupadi Murmu.
IGNOU Convocation registration start date ? 4 July 2023.
Last date of registration December 2023.
How to get IGNOU Convocation Degree after exam ? Register online and pay the convocation fee.
What is convocation Fee ? Rs 600 / -  For Ph.D/ M.Phil/ Master Degree/Bachelor Degree/ PG Diploma/ Diploma programmes.
Rs 200 / -  For PG Certificate/ Certificate programmes.
When is next IGNOU Convocation ? 37th Convocation, in 2024.
Who is eligible for IGNOU 37TH Convocation ? Pass out Learner of December 2022 and June 2023 Exam Session.
Can I get Digital IGNOU Convocation Certificate ? Yes, From 35th Convocation onwards, IGNOU has made a provision to download digital convocation certificate based on Blockchain technology.
How to Download IGNOU Convocation certificate online ? Using blockchain-based digital credentials. From IGNOU Samarth Portal or Visit https://digitalcert.ignou.ac.in and follow instructions


A Brief Press release Report on IGNOU 36th Convocation which was held on 3rd April 2023.

Smt. Droupadi Murmu, Hon'ble President of India was the Chief Guest at IGNOU HQ, New Delhi.

Total students 279917 have successfully completed their Degree/ Diplomas/ Certificates in various disciplines offered by the Schools of IGNOU in 36th Convocation out of which 1,10,459 are in Master Degree, in Bachelor Degree, 50,357 in Diploma, 12,446 in Certificate, 4 in M.Phil and 108 in Ph.D.

As per the guidelines, Regional Centre may not call all the student who has paid the fee and willing to attend the function. Regional Center may decide (based on number of students, etc )   about the programme for which students are to be invited in the convocation. This information or invitation to attend the Convocation to the selected Programme(s)  Students will be communicated by the concerned Regional Centre via email/ SMS / Website / social media etc.

The following students can collect the Degree/ Diploma/ Certificate in person from the next day of the Convocation from the concerned Regional Center or else degree will be sent by the RC by post to the address of student mentioned in the online portal while applying for convocation.

1. The eligible students of the RC where Convocation is not conducted.
2. The eligible students who have been invited to attend the convocation, but could not attend and
3. The eligible students who could not be invited.

Down below is the link for Convocation Registration. List of Useful Information Related to IGNOU 35th Convocation.

Date and Time of IGNOU 35th Convocation 2022 26th April 2022 (Tuesday), 11.00 AM
Chief Guest at IGNOU HQ Hon’ble Union Education Minister
IGNOU Regional Center where 35th Convocation will be conducted Total 32 IGNOU Regional Centers.
Agartala, Ahmedabad, Aizwal,  Bangalore, Bhopal , Bhubaneswar, Chandigarh, cochin, Dehradun, Delhi – 3, Gangtok, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Imphal, Itanagar, Jaipur, Jammu , Karnal, Kohima, Kolkata, Lucknow, Madurai, Panaji, Patna, Port Blair, Pune, Raipur, Ranchi, Srinagar, Shilong, Shimla and Visakhapatnam
Mode of Convocation event Offline.
Opening of 35th convocation registration portal 12 January 2022
Fee for 35th Convocation Degree Rs 600 / -  For Ph.D/ M.Phil/ Master Degree/Bachelor Degree/ PG Diploma/ Diploma programmes. Rs 200 / -  For PG Certificate/ Certificate programmes.
Option to get IGNOU Degree certificate In Presence or Absentia
Convocation Fee payment mode Online by Card, Net banking,  etc
Closing of 35th convocation registration portal Check convocation portal

Short Question Answers (FAQ) related to IGNOU Convocation

Is IGNOU ID card necessary to upload in the IGNOU Convocation registration portal ?

YES, IGNOU Id card in mandatory to upload during convocation registration.


When will I get my IGNOU Degree after payment of fee for 35th convocation 2022 ?

Student who have applied for the convocation, need to wait for receiving the final degree in presence or absentia as the case may be. Degree is distributed/despatched to the student from the convocation day onwards and not before that. Students who have applied for 35th convocation successfully are advised to wait for the announcement of exact date of  Convocation.


Can I print Acknowledgment after IGNOU Convocation registration?

Yes, You can take print of  Acknowledgement Receipt.


Can I get my IGNOU Original degree certificate before convocation ?

No. Degree is conferred convocation day onwards.


Below is the instruction and pictorial step for “How to Apply /Register for Convocation”.

  • IGNOU has opened the link to apply for convocation well in advance before its convocation day. 
  • Candidate need to apply for convocation degree online from official website.
  • Convocation fee to be paid as per below details.
    • Rs 600 / -  For Ph.D/ M.Phil/ Master Degree/Bachelor Degree/ PG Diploma/ Diploma programmes.
    • Rs 200 / -  For PG Certificate/ Certificate programmes.
  • Student has option to procure degree in PRESENCE or ABSENTIA.
  • Students are communicated by RCs to attend the convocation ceremony.

Recent past in April 2021 IGNOU has conducted its 34th Convocation in Virtual Mode (Online) for the pass out learners of June 2020 and December 2019 session.  

Click here to register online for 33rd and 34th convocation (Old  link).


IGNOU Convocation - A Brief overview

Convocation is formal gathering of faculty members and students where degrees are conferred to student. University authorities and faculty member are dressed in regalia and student receives their degree.

IGNOU conducts its Convocation ceremony annually in the month of Feb/March/April every year.

Live relay of the main function from HQs is broadcasted, which is witnessed by all the Regional Centres and the students. The Regional Convocation starts after the main ceremony at IGNOU HQs is concluded.

Student Evaluation Division (SED), IGNOU, NEW DELHI intimates all the learners eligible for the Convocation of the fee to be paid for receiving the Degree Certificates, which is revised from time to time. The learner also has the choice of receiving the degree through post. Each Regioanl Centre receives Degree Certificates from SED of the eligible learners of its region.

Regional Center segregates and sorts Degree Certificates of all those who have registered online and paid the fee. Only paid case Degrees is carried to the venue on the day of the Convocation for the distribution among eligible students.

Learners are communicated and invited by its concerned Regional centre for function and about the exact date, time, venue of function and chief guest of the function etc.

At convocation venue students are given convocation scarf for which student need to pay some small amount as security deposit. This security deposit for scarf is refunded to the student once they return the convocation scarf after the function is over.

On arrival at the venue, learners will be guided to the registration formalities. Only those who are carrying their IGNOU Learner I-card are to be allowed. Scarf is issued on payment of a nominal sum as refundable deposit.The Guest of Honor delivers the Convocation address and presents the degrees to the learners


You must know :

  • Convocation is celebrated same day across all the Regional Center and HQ.
  • To collect the degree in PRESENCE student need to carry IGNOU ID card.
  • Student who could not apply and pay fee online need to visit the Regional centre concerned and pay the Fee in the form of Demand Draft in favour of IGNOU.
  • For all Fee Paid student, if student could not collect the degree in person , the University send the degree by Post after the Convocation ceremony.

To secure the IGNOU convocation degree various evaluation components are given a proportionate amount of weight when determining the final grade. When a learner successfully completes the required credits for a given programme, they are granted certificates, diplomas, or degrees during the Convocation in the headquarters and at Regional Centres simultaneously. In all the programmes of the university, outstanding students who complete their programmes within the minimum stipulated time are awarded gold medals.

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