Change of IGNOU Study Center

Students are allowed to change the IGNOU Study Centre within his/her Regional centre. Student need  to write an application to the Regional Centre by hardcopy or using their registered email ID.

New requested Study center will be allocated only if your Programme is available at that Study center.

The provision of Change of IGNOU Regional Center or Study Center online was introduced from 2020 onwards. Student need to login in the student portal and apply online for the same. Once learner apply successfully for change of RC or SC it may take a couple of week to update on the website.Click here to visit the website for change of IGNOU Study Centre.

Due to mobility of the learners, they are required to get their address for correspondence and LSC changed during their course of study. The change of IGNOU Study Centre (LSC)  may be within the region and across the region also. In earlier days in cases of inter-regional changes of LSCs, the application shall be sent to the other Regional Director along with all records of the student maintained at the RC, under intimation to the Coordinator of the original LSC. Requests for inter –regional transfers in Computer Education Programmes (CIC.BCA, MCA), BSc, B.Sc Nursing, and PGDMCH and other practical oriented programmes generally not considered. However, learners of these academic programmes are required to obtain No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Regional Director where the learners intend to get transferred. Records of these learners are transferred only after receipt of NOC from the RC concerned.

What is NOC in IGNOU?
NOC stands for No Objection certificate. As you know IGNOU has several regional centre and several study centre across the country. All the programme is not activated or not on offer at all the study centres. So suppose if you want to change your IGNOU study centre to new study centre in that case before approval RC will check if your programme is available at that new centre, if yes then RC will issue NOC stating that RC doesn’t have any difficulty in admitting you at new study centre  This NOC is required mainly while changing your Regional Centre.

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