IGNOU Result December 2023 and June 2023.

IGNOU RESULT 2022 DECLARED  IGNOU Exam result for December 2023 is out. Theory Exam's first lot result was declared on 26 December 2023 evening. Student appeared for TEE December 2023 can check the result. The 6th phase of IGNOU result december 2023 has come out on 31 January 2024. IGNOU December exam concluded on 9th Jan-24. All Session wise result link is given below in Table. More result data will be added soon.

IGNOU Result is published in many phases. New result lot is added as and when received from REC. Please note that the complete result is not declared. Hence many student may get message "Result not Found / Yet to be declared". So in such case student need not to worry, they just need to regularly keep checking website.

Enter only enrollment number in the search box to see the IGNOU result. The result is displayed in Tabular form with course code and marks obtained by the student.

IGNOU June 2023 exam result was declared on 20 June 2023. Examination (theory) for June 2023 session concluded on 7th July 2023 as per datesheet and the practical exams were also concluded in the August 2023.

IGNOU Exam result displays the mark obtained by the student after examination. Exam result is published on the website online via official link. Student can check it in their mobile/ Laptop/ Desktop. Practical exam marks will be published after the conduct of practical exam.

IGNOU practical exam result shows the maks secured by student in session end practical exam. Practical exam Schedule for some programme is already announced by the university. Project Viva is also being conducted by some RCs and some RCs have already completed this activity.

Click here to check result for June 2023 session. IGNOU result database is updated when marks are recived from IGNOU REC (Regional Evaluation Center) or faculty.

IGNOU Result database updated on 27 April 2024. Check now Click here IGNOU RESULT 2022 DECLARED
IGNOU Re-evaluation apply Click here
Obtain answer script photocopy Click here
IGNOU early result declaration Click here
How to Count 40 days - IGNOU Re-evaluation Click here

Click here to know more about re-evaluation. The more result data will be added as and when received from the evaluators in different phases. Result declared is not the complete result and more result data will added time to time in the website based on the availability of data received from various IGNOU Regional Evaluation Centre. 



Check IGNOU Result (TEE) Session wise Link
IGNOU result December 2023 exam IGNOU RESULT 2022 DECLARED Click here (Activated)
IGNOU result June 2023 exam Click here (ODL)
IGNOU result December 2022 exam Click here (ODL),
IGNOU result June 2022 exam Click here (ODL), Click here (OL)
IGNOU result December 2021 exam Click here (ODL), Click here (OL)
IGNOU result June 2021 exam Click here

To Check IGNOU result you need to enter your enrollment number and click on submit button. If your result data is available then it will be displayed in tabular form, otherwise you get message "Result not found /Yet to be declared". In such case you can check after few days.


Short Question Answer related to IGNOU Exam result.

When is IGNOU result updated in Grade Card ? It takes nearly 20– 25 days after result declaration.
When to apply for IGNOU Re-evaluation after exam result ? You need to apply within 40 days from result declaration. Click here
How to get IGNOU marksheet and provisional certificate ? It is dispatched by IGNOU automatically after completion of entire programme.
How to check pass or fail in IGNOU TEE EXAM ? Generally passing percentage is 40%.
How to get IGNOU Convocation certificate after exam ? Click here for more details
How to check IGNOU assignment result status ? Click here to check assignment status
Where to check exam result in IGNOU Grade card online ? Click here to check your Grade card status.
What to do if my IGNOU TEE result not found ? You can wait. If you waiting time is more than 3 months then you can raise a TOKEN at iGRAM. Click here to raise token.
Where to check IGNOU PRACTICAL exam result ? on the same portal of theory exam result.
IGNOU Exam form last date Click here
IGNOU Assignment last date Click here

Result section of Student Evaluation Division is mainly responsible for evaluation of learner performance in Term-End Examinations. It coordinates the activities pertaining to continuous evaluation and evaluation of Project Reports. It is also mandated for certification of learners by conferring degrees/diplomas/certificates. The SED also maintains the database of all active learners on the rolls of the University. Currently the Division has established Seven Regional Evaluation Centres (RECs) to undertake the task of evaluation of answer scripts of June and December term end examinations.

IGNOU RESULT - TEE June 2021 Session (Previous Session)

IGNOU has declared the result (in the last week of August 2021) for ongoing Term End Exam - June 2021 session which started from 03 August 2021 and is set to conclude on 9th September 2021. Only final year student of Degree Diploma and Certificate programme were allowed to write this TEE June 2021 remaining student will be allowed to appear in TEE DEC 2021 and exam fee will be adjusted accordingly.

Generally, IGNOU declares the result after the 45 days of last exam for the session. Since TEE June Exam was already delayed due to second wave of pandemic in the entire country, in order to keep the University schedule on track, as and when result data is received from Regional Evaluation Center, IGNOU HQ publishes the result on the website.  

Many students may get the message “Enrolment Number Not found / Result yet to be declared” in such case , students need not be panic just keep checking the website for your result.

IGNOU Exam Result is declared on the University Portal generally after 30 days of the last exam of that  session.

1. Early Declaration of result – TEE December 2021 :

2. Declaration of TEE Result – TEE December 2021 :

3. Re-evaluation Result – TEE December 2021 :

Results are declared on incremental basis i.e. all the results is not declared at a time it may take some time so students must have patience and keep visiting the website for their results if any pending. Any student booked under unfair means then result of such candidate will not be declared. Once the result is declared on the University portal it may take some time to reflect on the grade card . Student must have patience for updation in the grade card.


How to Apply for IGNOU RE-EVALUATION ?

After the declaration of IGNOU Term End exam result if any student is not satisfied with the result, such students can apply for re-evaluation.In re-evaluation, answer script is re-evaluated by the other evaluator and marks are allocated. Re-evaluation form for the paper(s) must be submitted within 40 days (earliar it was 30 days) from the declaration of result. Re-evaluation FEE is Rs 750/- Per Course/Paper. Fee is to be paid online.

Click here to know more and apply for re-evaluation.


How to Count 40 days of result declaration to Apply for  IGNOU Re-evaluation ?

Date of Result declaration for the paper / course is mentioned along with result paper/Course  wise. As and when paper/course marks is received from the Regional Evaluation centre, it is updated by HQ in the result portal with dates for each course/paper separately . Since all the paper/Course result is not declared at a time, hence 40 days is counted from the date of publishing result for that particular paper. Based on the calculation if you feel 40 days is not completed then you can apply for IGNOU Re-evaluation online.


IGNOU Re-evaluation Result updation in Online Grade Card and Postal dispatch

After the submission of re-evaluation application, student can check the result of re-evaluation online, generally after 30 days. There is separate link to check re-evaluation result on the University website.

After re-evaluation, the Higher of the two scores of Original Vs Re-evaluation marks/grade will be considered for updation in the grade card. If a student obtained less marks in re-evaluation then the original mark will be retained. 

The revised marks/grade after re-evaluation, is intimated to the student and updated on the IGNOU website.

IGNOU Early Declaration of Results :

IGNOU has a provision of  ”Early declaration of result” to facilitate the learner who need the result early. This facilitates the student who has got the better opportunity for higher studies or employment opportunity. Such students can apply for early declaration of result with valid proof and need to pay some fee for the same along with application form. Result link for  ”Early declaration of result””  is activated before the general (for all) .

Students who have got offer of admission and or selected for job etc and are required to produce mark sheet by a specified given date can apply for early declaration of results.

Such needy students are required to fill the form of Early Declaration of Result and apply.

  • The fee for early declaration of result is Rs 1000/- per course.
  • It is entertained for final semester/year or maximum of 4 backlog courses only, subject to the some conditions mentioned in form.
  • Fee to paid in form of DD in favour of IGNOU along with the attested photocopy of the offer of admission/ employment etc as proof.
  • Requests for early declaration  to be submitted before the commencement of the Term-end Examination i.e., before 1st  June and 1st December respectively.
  • This form should reach to SED, HQ before the commencement of Examination.
  • Click here to download form.

Improvement of Division/Marks in IGNOU

The improvement of marks/grades is applicable only for the Bachelor /Master Degree students who have completed the programme. The eligibility is as under:-

  • Bachelor /Master  Degree student who fall short of 2% marks to secure 2nd   and 1st division can apply.
  • Master Degree Student only, who fall short of 2% marks to secure overall 55% marks.
  • Students will have to apply within six months from the date of issue of final  marks/grade card or  in coming TEE cycle.
  • No student will be permitted to improve if maximum duration to complete the programme has expired.
  • The improvement is permissible only in theory papers. No improvement is permissible in Practical/ Lab / Project / Dissertation/ Workshop and Assignment etc.

 Form should reach to The Registrar, Student Evaluation Division, IGNOU, Maidan Garhi,  New Delhi- 110068 before the due date. Click here to download the form for Improvement of Division/ Marks.

Updation of IGNOU Exam Result in ONLINE Grade Card in the form of % :

IGNOU online grade card is updated in the form of percentage for each course(s)

IGNOU Term End Exam Result is published in the format of Mark obtained and Max Mark for each course wise. Eg. 35/50 (Here 35 is marks obtained by student and Max Mark is 50). Similarly it may be 73/100 (Here 73 is marks obtained by student and Max mark is 100) as it depends on course.  Similarly it can be 24/25 (here 24 is marks obtained and 25 is max marks).

But in the ONLINE IGNOU Grade card the marks are converted in to percentage format. The percentage is calculated for the paper/ Course and then marks are updated in ONLINE IGNOU grade card.

Max Marks column is not available in the IGNOU grade card, as mark is converted in percentage. However the Max Mark is available in the final printed Mark sheet / Grade card issued by the University. This final grade is printed and issued to learner only when they complete the entire course successfully.

Dispatch of Fresh Printed IGNOU Grade Card After Examination and Result.

Nowadays IGNOU prints and dispatches Marks Sheet / Grade Card only for the final Year/Semester student who has completed the entire course successfully. Remaining student can see the status of Grade Card online only.

Final Mark sheet / Grade Card will come along with provisional certificate for the learners who has completed programme successfully.

Dispatch of IGNOU Provisional Certificate after Term End Exam.

Generally, IGNOU dispatches the Mark sheet / Grade Card for the pass out learner after the 45 days of updation of marks in the Online Grade Card.

After the declaration of Term End Exam Result, it may take few days to reflect the marks in Online Grade Card. 


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