IGNOU Student Support Services offered to Learners

IGNOU Learner Support Services
IGNOU Provides support services to its learner via Learner Support Centre (Study Center)  and Regional Centre (RC). LSC is the most important linking node of the University for the learners as it offers an interface between the learners and the University by providing various sensitive academic and administrative support services, for the maintenance of the quality of the services of the University.
LSCs works as a part timer functionaries for IGNOU without causing any hindrance to the normal functioning of the host institution. Programmes of the University are activated on the basis of viability in terms of enrolment, infrastructure and academic expertise (faculty) available for providing support services to the learners at that LSC.

Student Support Service is heart of any Open Distance Learning system. IGNOU, in order to provide individualized support services to its learners, the University has created a number of Study Centres throughout the country for this Programme. These are administratively coordinated by the Regional Centres. The Study Centres are the contact points for the students on all major aspects of the Programme. These include counselling sessions, practicals, reference library facilities, disseminating information and advice, facilities for audio-visual training aids and teleconferencing.

IGNOU Regional Centre is the sub-office of the University and it is the regional face of the university. It is also supposed to serve as a resource centre of the University in the region.Apart from being regional academic and administrative hub of the University, RC is also a focal point of enquiries pertaining to academic programmes of IGNOU and its activities and important node for every kind of grievance redressal.

Enquiries are regularly received from prospective learners, enrolled learners and general public. In other words, the learners, either enrolled or willing to get themselves enrolled, need some basic information regarding programmes run by the University, course material, evaluation, counselling and various other support services  entire structure of IGNOU and all its mechanisms are geared to facilitate learners’ learning. In such a vast system with such large enrolment, there are possibilities of lapses in the provision of services. To provide administrative support and grievance redressal, the University has developed effective mechanisms with dedicated help desks/student support cells at all the 56 RCs and a dedicated centre namely the Student Service Centre (SSC) at the Headquarters. Presently there are 56 Regional Centers and 1843 Learner Support Centres are functional accross the country along with 21 Overseas Partner Institutions.

Types of concerns attended to and redressed
The various information services at the SSC (HQs and RCs), including general and specific enquiry
•    Correction or Change of Address/Email/mobile no/ name/username. Click here
•    Change of RC/SC. Click Here
•    Change of Medium, Courses and Programme. Click Here
•    Identity card related issues.Click Here
•    Receipt of study materials.Click Here
•    Issue of Migration Certificate.Click Here
•    Non-receipt of Marksheet/ Degree.Click Here
•    Issue of Transcripts.Click Here
•    Issues related to Grade Card Status.Click Here
•    Issue related to Assignment.Click Here
•    Issues related to Result.Click Here
•    Issues related to Exam.Click Here

Click here for pictorial representation in detail about IGNOU Grievance System.

Receipt of grievances through various digital and technology mediated mode:
To work effectively on the various portals of the Government of India, namely CPGRAMS Portal, UGC on line Portal, INGRAM, Delhi Govt. Public Grievance Monitoring System and RTI MIS Portal, the mechanism is centralized linking all RCs with the Student Service Centre at the headquarters and  Nodal persons have been identified at each RC/School/Division, thereby establishing/strengthening linkages in the Grievance Redressal Network of the University.


This arrangement has strengthened and made the Grievance Redressal Mechanism of IGNOU more robust. For CPGRAMS, INGRAM, RTI MIS online and iGRAM Portals, grievances received are forwarded through the portal itself by the Student Service Centre at headquarters to the RC concerned to respond to the grievances within stipulated time.

University has witnessed growth in the number of programmes, expansion in the Network of Learner Support Centres and is catering to a more diverse and heterogeneous clientele of learners. Further, IGNOU has transitioned to the online mode of programme delivery (OL Mode) and the University has optimally utilized the ICT-enabled tools and social media platforms for dissemination of information, wide publicity of University’s Notification etc helps distance learner to get the latest information timely.


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